• It’s your program

      Gravy is all about your business, while gravy is for everyone, you can run the gravy platform as you wish, you setup your own rewards and your own system that works for your business

    • Use Social Media

      Gravy talks to facebook! Use the power of social media and reward your customers for checking into your business.

    • Custom Referrals

      Design your own referral emails that customers can send to their friends to earn loyalty points.

    • Android & IOS

      The gravy customer app works on both Android and IOS smartphones so customers can track points, redeem rewards and more!


    • Smart Loyalty

      Proven loyalty methodologies built in out of the box.  Gravy loyalty uses tiered loyalty principals to maximum effect.

    • Simple Setup

      No fancy hardware, magnetic cards, specialised software, always up to date and always working.

    • Notifications

      A cool new way to communicate with your customers. Better than email, cheaper than SMS.

    • Reporting

      Powerful reports that give you detailed insights into your customers behaviours.

    • Dashboard

      Watch the success of your new loyalty program grow in real time, quickly, visually.

    • Vend Integration

      Gravy integrates with your favourite cloud based POS system, Vend!