Discover how to grow your business by 5% guaranteed using Gravy

Ditch the stamp card and setup a simple, yet intelligent loyalty program for your business using QR Codes and mobile app technology.

Businesses that have implemented a loyalty system typically see 2-5% growth above industry average, with some businesses seeing growth of 10-20% from their loyalty system. ” -Michael Alexander, Customer Profiler, Reporting Solutions Australia

What Gravy will do for you

Increase revenue with Gravy’s unique price tier technology. Using Price tiers you can reward customers specifically for spending the target you want them to spend.

Stay in touch and keep your customers interested. Use gravy’s technology to contact customers at any time.

Get critical feedback from your loyalty program. Use gravy’s built in reports to refine your loyalty program.

Create new brand opportunities with your own mobile app. Using Gravy, you can generate your own customer branded mobile app for Android & Iphone.

Gain invaluable insights into your customers behavior. Learn about your customers and their demographics to improve your marketing efforts.

Harness the power of social media. Using Gravy’s social media features customers can spread your business across facebook.

You get a “Gravy Boat” load of Features!

Built in carded solution

Older or less savvy customers can still use your loyalty program with Gravy’s built in card solution.

Expand your market with shared rewards

Let your customers share their rewards with their friends.

Push Notification

Send vibrant messages instantly to customers phones at no cost!

Your own custom branded app

Get your own app for free with face book integration, click to call and much more.

Social Media Integration

Use the power of social media and reward your customers for checking into your business.

Customer Insights

Get profit winning insights into your customers behaviour, know who your top customers are, where they come from, how often they come and more.

Save time and let Gravy Manage your facebook

Gravy can now manage your businesses facebook page for you!

Point of Sale Integration

Gravy will integrate with many leading Point of Sale systems such as Vend, SwiftPOS and many others.

It’s time to make some Gravy!

Order a loyalty pack to get started, here’s what you get

  • 1 FREE Gravy Android 7″ tablet with GravyMaker to use at your business.  Yours to keep!
  • Free specialized consultancy to get your program off the ground.  We will talk to you about your business and its products to help you maximise gravy’s potential.
  • Free setup & training of the Gravy loyalty system, sit back and we’ll do all the work for you, and once setup we’ll show you how to use it.
  • Free uploading of your own custom branded mobile apps into the Apple and Google app stores.
  • The Gravy Guarantee,  If you’re not satisfied for any reason at all, simply let us know and we’ll give you your money back!
Plus: No contracts, no commitments, no catches!  It’s all Gravy!

Get the Gravy loyalty pack for only $149.00 (Over $816.00 value!)

Increase your businesses revenue with proven loyalty methodologies today

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